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Minted Poker Has Closed

Please note that Minted Poker is not an active offer on Rakeback Rage. This promotion is only available to existing players of Minted Poker who signed up through Rakeback Rage.

Rakeback Rage Rake Chase

Rake Chases reward Rakeback Rage members for playing early and often. If you are among the first to reach a target amount of MGR or poker room points, you will lock in a cash reward. Should you continue playing and beat a set amount of players to the next level, you will get progressively bigger rewards! Even if you miss out on the early prizes, you can still compete for all prizes that have not yet been rewarded!

Tiers - You need not qualify for a prize at a lower level to be reward a prize at any higher tier.

Targets - Reaching a Target MGR will lock you in for the prize amount indicated for that tier if there are still available spots when you reach that target.

Available Spots - When you reach a target where the leaderboard indicates there are available spots, your name will appear on the leaderboard and you will recieve at least the prize amount displayed.

Prizes - The prize amount indicates the total amount of money that will currently be awarded to you for this promotion. Once you are awarded a prize it cannot be taken away, but it can be upgraded to the prize amount of a higher tier.

MGR - The Monthly Gross Revenue, or amount of rake generated in the current month at this poker room.

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